Palmer’s Coconut Oil Formula Body Oil, Body Lotion and Body Cream – Review and Giveaway(open to Canadians only)!

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This post is long overdue, but here we go.  In this post I am going to review the Palmer’s Coconut Oil Formula Body Oil, Body Lotion and Body Cream. Here is my disclaimer as per usual; I was sent these products just for the sole purpose of testing them out and sharing  my honest opinion.

We are right in the middle of winter and my skin gets extra dry during those winter months. Keeping skin moisturized is very important, if not I will start scaling and shedding like a snake. On top of that i don’t want to be walking around with ashy skin, it’s not cute.

When I was contacted to try out these products, I felt that it was an exciting opportunity to try something new from Palmer’s aside from my usual favorite body lotions from Vaseline and St Ives. What I got sold on is the fact that these products are free of parabens, phthalates, mineral oil, gluten, sulfate and dyes.

We all know Palmer’s. They have been around for ages and they have many products on the market that we all at some point ended up purchasing and using. So there’s no need for me to talk about the company. The only thing I can say is that their products are fairly decent and affordable, and I have always loved the smell of the cocoa butter body lotion.


Application and Wear ability:

The body oil applies very well and it has a 24 hrs of moisture hydration lasting power. I love the fact that it has a pump which makes it easier to dispense the product. 

It is not greasy and it absorbs quickly and it smells good. Here is a picture of my skin before and after applying it.

 The body lotion applies just like any regular body lotion. It has a regular consistency  and smells really good. It smells like the regular Palmer’s cocoa butter lotion that I love so much.

 The body butter applies just as well as the other two, but it has a thicker consistency , which I also love. It smells like cocoa butter as well.

Main ingredients found in these products are raw Coconut oil, Tahitian Monoi oil, vitamin E and Almond  oil

Availability and price: All three products are available at walmart. The body cream cost $7.99 CAD, both the body oil and the body lotion retails for $5.99 CAD.

Do I recommend?   Definitely.

Giveaway Time! Just in time for Valentines Day!

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Life update – My Weight Loss Journey

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Happy Black History Month!

Welcome back to my blog.  As you can see by the title of this post, it is a quick life update on my weight loss journey.  2018 has a lot of question marks for me, because I have no clue what to plan for this year.  I have read so many blog posts about new year resolutions and felt inspired to make my own, but when it came to actually write them down, my mind just goes blank….??? 

So I figured that this year I am not going to make resolutions, instead I am going to set some small achievable goals for both my personal  and blogging life.

One of the biggest resolutions people(including me) make on the first of January of every year is to lose weight and look good by the time summer hits. That has been my goal every single year and man, I have had a rough time with this. Last year, in one of my summer life update, I shared with you all that I am starting the process of getting bariatric surgery. Fast forward to this year, everything is so far so good, I have not changed my mind. I have been able to follow the program and went to all my scheduled appointments. Now I am just waiting for my surgery date.  What I like the most is the changes that I have been able to make during this journey such as drinking more water instead of soda and high in sugar juices. Keeping track of what I eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.  Meal prepping, reprogramming my mind about food and adopting new healthy habits. It’s a lot of work, but it is worth it. So far I have lost 20lbs pre-surgery and I am excited to continue shedding the weight off.

That is it for now. Thank you so much for reading,  until next time!