My name is Nathanielle. I am originally from Haiti which I left since I was 15; so It has been 18 years since then. I lived in Miami for a while and now I currently live in Windsor, ON. I am a daughter, sister and a wife. I am addicted to anything related to beauty and since I love makeup I decided to learn how to properly apply makeup and share some of the things I learned on my blog which I officially started in 2015. Now I have a youtube channel that I started towards the end of last year. Beside blogging about makeup and skincare, I love to crochet, work on DIY projects, read, listen to the music, danse, and travel.

What to expect on my blog?  My honest opinion and honest reviews.

Disclaimer: Any opinions (whether good or bad) expressed about any of the products that I mentioned on my blog are mine and are based on how I honestly feel about the products or the company that I am reviewing.

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