Black History Month – Beyonce paying hommage to Oshun

Hey Beauties!

After watching clips of Beyonce’s Grammys performance I felt so empowered as a woman better yet as a Black woman.

First of all lets talk about how beautiful and glowy she looks. Beyonce makes pregnancy look glamorous, easy and beautiful and it looks great on her. Talk about #oshun, #pregnancy goals, #pregnancyglow, #womenaregoddesses and #beautifulblackgoddess.

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Beyonce performs at the 59th annual Grammy Awards on Sunday, Feb. 12, 2017, in Los Angeles. (Photo by Matt Sayles/Invision/AP)


Many people are saying that throughout her performance, Beyonce represented Oshun who is the African goddess of beauty, love,prosperity, order and fertility. Oshun is also the Mother of the African sweet or fresh waters. According to an article posted by the Haitian American on facebook, with the African diaspora, Oshun was brought to the Americas, and adopted into the pantheons that branched out of the African traditions. In the Brazilian religion of Candomblé, which retains close ties with the Yorùbá religion, as well as in Cuban Santeriá, She is called Oxum. In Haitian Vodou She is an inspiration for Erzulie or Ezili, also a Deity of water and love. “Mother of Sweetness”  Here is the link if you would like to read more…

Many people are criticizing her performance stating that Beyonce is acting like she is the Blessed Mother Mary or even God.

My take on this is as follow: I personally don’t think that Beyonce thinks she is God herself. By her ackowledging Oshun is her way of encouraging us Black people to know and embrace our African roots. I do agree that Beyonce is not the first black woman who has embraced her African roots, neither is she the first woman to be pregnant, but what people need to understand is that when our ancestors were brought to the Americas, they were forced to give up everything about them especially their religious rituals in order to assimilate. Needless to say, Beyonce’s performance may have not been her best performance, but the message is that we Black women are beautiful in our own way, we are goddesses, and queens and we are powerful not only as individuals, but as a collective as well. And we deserve to be seen as such and not as properties or objects. We are here, we exist and our lives matter.


I hope you enjoyed reading this post. Let me know your opinions in the comment section.


8 thoughts on “Black History Month – Beyonce paying hommage to Oshun

  1. I didn’t catch her performance but I did study African Spirituality in college specifically Orisha. I had never been exposed to African spiritually until then and I enjoyed learning about it.

  2. I didn’t actually watch her performance but all of the pictures I’ve seen have me so inspired. She radiated effortless beauty. I definitely want to research the history of Oshun further.

  3. I didn’t watched Beyonce’s performance but I saw a bunch of comments on Facebook; everyone had their own opinion some was using the same references that you use in your post.

    I love Blu Ivy reaction act the awards show towards her mom.

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