Black Women are beautiful

Hello Beauties!

This is gonna be a different kind of post today. February has come to an end and as we know it is Black History Month in the US and Canada, but I am not too sure if the rest of the world celebrates that month. For me, I never knew about BHM until I moved to the US. Growing up in Haiti, where the population is predominantly black, We don’t feel that we need to dedicate only one month to celebrate our history. For us it’s all year round. For example, on January 1st , we celebrate Independence day; on may 18th we celebrate flag day, on November 18th we celebrate the Battle of Vertierres etc… There are so many important dates in our history that we celebrate or commemorate that sometimes it is hard to keep track. Needless to say, I feel that 1 month dedicated to Black History is not enough. Our history is so rich, interesting ,fascinating and beautiful that we should be encouraged to learn more about it. Yes slavery happened, and we are still suffering  the consequences till this day, but how do we move forward and free ourselves from slavery? When do we black women get to really and truly appreciate and embrace our beauty as well as our flaws?

There are many movements out there that help empower black girls and women, like the natural hair movement,  my black is beautiful movement, black girls rock movement and many others. Although I appreciate and support these movements, I still feel that a lot of us  still don’t get it. For example, The natural hair movement promotes black women hair and the beauty of it in its natural state without the “creamy crack”. This I  like; but what I don’t like is the fact that natural hair is categorized based on the texture. We are trying to free ourselves from one thing, yet we still try to create these categories which in my opinion is still causing a problem. Before, it used to be “the straighter your hair, the better it looks”, now it is “the looser curl pattern, the better hair you have”. That to me, is the reason why I feel that many of us don’t get it.

I personally have come a long way. I went from not loving myself and wishing I was not a black woman and not as big as I am, to taking the time to appreciate and love my body, my skin color and my natural hair, in other words loving myself the way I am. Honestly, it’s not easy, but I take it one day at a time. So I do encourage all black women of all shade, shape and size to love and embrace themselves flaws and all, because we are beautiful, and we need to be celebrated more and not put down for our exceptional physical features that other women are paying mad money for…. Just saying!mac-cosmetics-lips




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