Color Correcting

Color correcting (although not a new technique in the make-up community) has become a big trend lately. There are so many colors to correct with that it can be a little bit confusing. Before I  talk about how I color correct, lets talk about the correcting colors and what they do.

Based on the research I have done online, I found these 2 charts that explain color correcting in a nutshell. According to these charts, there are some colors that complement each other. In color correcting concept, the colors that are complementary with each other are able to cancel out or neutralize one another.




I found that these 2 charts help me understand color correcting much better and if you’re like me, when I see all these colors at Sephora, I’m like “what the hell am I supposed to do with these concealers?”



In conclusion, color correcting is not difficult, it’s just a matter of knowing which color to use based on your problem areas!  On that note, Stay beautiful, stay beat!!!



4 thoughts on “Color Correcting

  1. I am so not knowledgeable about colour correcting. I feel like it requires either a lot of playing, or having someone do a mini tutorial with you for your personal needs. You seem to have it figured out though!

  2. Haha my boyfriend always makes a joke about me being a clown when I am colour correcting, so much green/blue to get rid of redness

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