Eye Shadow Palettes from Ebay and Aliexpress

I purchased  these eye shadow palettes from ebay and aliexpress back in the beginning of last year, when I started learning and experimenting with make up. What I love about these palettes is how pigmented the eyeshadows are and the price. For just a small price you get a lot of eyeshadows; but the downside was that the shipping time was quite long.

Here are the palettes I bought from Ebay:

The 12 shimmer eyeshadow palette. It contains a mixture of gold, pink, purple and black etc… It was only $4.49 with free shipping.DSC_2408


…and the 28 nude color palette. This palette is mixture of shimmery and matte eyeshadows. It only cost $8.88 with free shipping.DSC_2324


As for the 120 eyeshadow palette, I bought it from aliexpress for only $12.49 with free shipping… And look at these gorgeous colors!!DSC_2317

They came in these generic, not-so-fancy black cases with no name on them. They were in fact shipped from China, although I’ve read and seen so many reviews of people recommending not to purchase makeup from China because we don’t know what is in them. I find that a bit ironic because most makeup products are known to be made in China anyways.  Ithink these palettes are great for beginners, as well as for make up artists.

Thanks for reading guys. Let me know if you guys ever purchased any eyeshadow palettes from either ebay or aliexpress, or even amazon…. Until next time, stay beautiful!!!

P.S: I will be posting a swatch for all three palettes soon!


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