Falsies on fleek!

Earlier this year I was ranting about my love-hate relationship with false eyelashes; so today I’ve come with an update. After so many trials and errors I finally got a hang of it!!!  img1457300034326.jpg


I purchased my falsies from ebay for $1.50 CAD. There are 5 pairs. They don’t have a name or number and they are as humanly natural as they can be. They don’t feel plasticky at all and they have a thin clear band. For the price, they are worth to try and if you’re a newbie like me, they are perfect to practice with.



3 thoughts on “Falsies on fleek!

  1. You look beautiful!! So much yessssss! I just started rocking them myself and I totally understand the love-hate relationship. They look so GORGE when we get them right!! Thank you for sharing! Please checkout my most recent blog on Happiness. Hair. Hemlines and Heel Heights. Leave a comment with your thoughts and include your blog link so my friends can give you some link love too! Thanks in advance for reading!


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