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I was browsing the bh cosmetics website a couple weeks ago, and I stumbled upon their liquid foundation. First of all, they have a wide range of colors and secondly, they are pretty affordable. I only paid $3.50 at the time the sale was happening, but I believe that the regular price is between 8 to 12 dollars if I am not mistaking. Either way, it is still a good price.

How is the application you may ask. It applies very smoothly with a beauty blender. I din’t try it with my foundation brush yet.  It is buildable and is a medium to full coverage. It covers my dark spots and blemishes very well.

longevity: I am not sure if it last all day given that I only wore for about 5 hours (from 6pm to 11pm). The down side is that by 9:30pm I was so shiny and oily, that I looked like a disco ball. I did use my benefit primer, but I did forget to set it with a setting spray

Here is me after applying my make up…img1461373006375.jpg


Here is me at 9:30…                     img1461373137454.jpg

This foundation is not like the high end or drugstore long lasting matte foundations, but it is good for shorter periods of time; lets say for a quick photo shoot. It may be perfect for you ladies with dry or combination to dry skin.  I will definitely try it again with a different primer and with a setting spray and give you guys an update.

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