I’m back

I am not too sure what I should start by saying, but I do apologize for my long absence. I’ve been under the weather lately.  But as you can see by the title, I am back and I have so much to share.
I have come across  these fall looks all over youtube and pinterest and I want to share my experience  while practicing my makeup artist skills on myself. I am sure by now everyone knows how to apply foundation, how to contour and highlight, strobe… etc…. My  goal is not to teach but simply share what works best for me given that I am more on the curvy side.

So my first fall MOTD….


This look is not too sophisticated. It’s  a simple look with bold lips. On a side note, I find myself loving those dark color lipsticks for the fall. I kept my eyes as simple as possible


As you can see. I have no eyeliner or falsies on;  not because I am not a fan of eyeliners and fake eyelashes. My goal was to create a simple, easy breezy, work appropriate daytime look.



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