Indie Brands I discovered this summer

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I recently posted this picture on my IG and I’ve had quite a lot of likes and comments. So I figured that I might as well write a post about the different Indie brands that I discovered and continue to discover and which ones I love so far.

Here are the brands:

Jeffrey James, Good Things, By Nature, Skinfood, Sukin, FitGlow, Medskin, Tom’s of Maine and Olive Naturals

As I mentioned before, I am on the hunt to find organic certified products that contain ingredients that are not too harsh for my skin. I know that the organic products can be pricy but I was able to find some good ones at Winners that are at a reasonable price. Out of all the brands I mentioned, FitGlow is the only one that carries expensive products but I did enjoy using the products that I purchased earlier this year from the company. If you are interested in finding out about my thoughts on FitGlow, check out this link:  

I will be doing a review for each of the brands I mentioned in this post (except FitGlow, Jeffrey James and Tom’s of Maine. I already reviewed them in my previous posts) so I can let you know what I think of the brands and their products, and if they are worth buying.

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  1. Hi Nai, I tried to comment on mobile but couldn’t find the comment box! I also love to try brands with better, healthier ingredients. It’s pretty hard to find products that are 100% natural but I’m finding more and more with a good percentage of organic ingredients. I’ve heard good things about Skinfood but I haven’t tried it yet. Tom’s of Main, of course! The others you listed are new to me. Look forward to your reviews. In the US, Mineral Fusion, MyChelle and Valentia are natural brands with organic ingredients that I tend to use.

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