July Haul

….I am starting this new trend on my blog where I’m  gonna do monthly favorites and monthly haul for products that I trying out on a monthly basis….

So, last month I ordered a couple things from eBay and aliexpress (off course…my two favorite websites). It took about 3 weeks to receive them, but I don’t have any problems with that. I also splurged on myself by purchasing a couple more products. Anyways, here are the things I bought!

From Ebay:

20150701_013154    20150710_000517

This is a set of black and brown gel eye liners, which I find work effectively as eyebrow gel. They only cost me $3.38 with free shipping. I’m not sure if they last 24hrs, because I don’t keep my makeup on for that long, but they do last at least 12hrs.


Finally decided to jump on the falsies bandwagon, and i thought why not try the ones I can order from ebay, since i got a good deal on them. 10 pairs of falsies for only $1.39 with free shipping????? i do hope they work when I get to try them on…

Along with the lashes, came the glue for $1.53.


From Aliexpress:

20150701_012809    20150701_01292620150701_013035  Love love love….. Only cost $3.93 and free shipping.

From Shoppers:

20150626_202540 20150626_202552 20150626_202635 This bronzer is just beautiful. I don’t even have to describe it, the pictures say all there is to be said… it was on sale at $12.

From Sally:

20150630_071901  Giving this a try to help my nail polish last longer than 3 days. Cost me $8.

5 thoughts on “July Haul

  1. Watch outt that duo glue is fake it only comes in 7g or 14g yours is 9g it could be really bad for your eyes. Also i love the ebay lashes just make sure to rub an alcohol pad on them since the package is not sealed!

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