Lets Talk Lipstick: Menow Kiss Proof Lipstick

Hello Beauties!

Here is a swatch of the MeNow lippies that I purchased from ebay.

DSC_1460 - edit

They don’t have names; however they are numbered

Color 1  is #015 DSC_1458

Color is #003DSC_1457

Color 3 is #008 DSC_1455

For $1.30 CAD each I find the packaging nice and neat. However they are the bottom-twist-and -push type of lippies. They need to be sharpen, so a jumbo pencil sharpener will do.  Now, here is how they look on my lips:

Color 015 is my least favorite because it is patchy and doesn’t apply very well. Although I only apply one coat. It is pigmented,but the application was not all that great for me. I do intend to try it again and this time with a lip liner.
Color 003 is my favorite of them all. It applied smoothly and I only needed 1 coat.
Color 008 is my second favorite. It is not as patchy as color 015, but it is workable. I also love the color.

All three lippies are creamy when first applied and they dry up to a matte finish. They do transfer a little, but not so drastically. I don’t intend to re purchase them because I don’t like the idea of having to sharpen them, and more of a liquid lipstick kind of gal. Let me know in the comment section if you have tried them or any lipsticks from ebay for that matter. If yes, did you like them or not?

That is it in a nutshell guys…. Thanks for reading!




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