Eyeshadow Review – Loving the Missy Lynn Palette

Hey Beauties!

Today I have a review about the Missy Lynn palette. I know I’m late, but I like to wait a few months after seeing youtubers rave about a product to purchase it and see what the buzz was all about.


I must say that I am impressed with this palette. First of all the packaging is really nice and compact, perfect for travelling. Now about the eye shadows; they are very pigmented. I wasn’t expecting them to be as pigmented as they are. I believe that this palette was intended to complement mostly women of color, but anyone can rock the colors in this palette.  The eye shadows are matte with a little hint of shimmer  in them, which works perfectly for me because I don’t like eye shadows that are either too matte or glittery.  I also love the fact these colors can be used for either a daytime or night time look. Depending on the look you want go for, whether a simple every day or a dramatic look, these shadows deliver.


I think Missy Lynn did a good job on this palette, I give it 2 thumbs up!!



12 thoughts on “Eyeshadow Review – Loving the Missy Lynn Palette

  1. I haven’t bought a palette from BH cosmetics since they had their 88 palettes (which I’ve somehow lost), but they look like they’ve improved their quality especially with the help of collabs. Great review!

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