MeNow True Lips lip pencils

This post is a swatch and review of the highly talked about MeNow lip pencils. Right off the bat, the colors are so nice and pigmented. The colors were divided into 2 groups of 6, here they are:

Group 1DSC_25291. Color 050 which is like a peachy pink

2. Color 054 is like a pinkish nude

3. Color 058 is red

4. Color 051 is like a mauvy pink

5. Color 052 is peach

6. Color 059 is like a pink with red undertone to it.

Group 2DSC_25271. Color 060 is like a magenta or fuscia pink

2. Color 053 is a nude

3. Color 055 is a dark red

4. Color 057 is a true pink

5. Color 056 is a bright orange

6. Color 046 is a brighter pinkish nude

My thoughts about these lip liners is that they are great for the price that I paid for them… I mean… a box of 12 lip liners for only $1.51 CAD with no shipping is unheard of. As for the quality, they are soft enough and are easy to apply. I ‘m not gonna say that they are the best, but they are good enough. My favorites are the darker shades, because I find that they are easier to apply. My least favorite are color 053, 052, 056 and 046 because the application is a bit patchy. Would I repurchase them?  No. Essence has some great affordable lip liners that I absolutely love.

Let me know if you guys have tried these lip liners and your thoughts on them.  Thanks for reading…. Until next time!



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