MOTD: Strobing

At first, I thought that it was a new technique, but I found out that it’s not. The term itself is new, and it stands for extreme highlighting. I love glowy makeup looks, and if i could, I would be glowing all year round. That is why strobing works perfectly well for me…

….On with the products I used today:

Eyebrows: I used wet and wild eyebrow pencil in the color Sima Brown. 300 and cleaned up my eyebrows with my favorite concealer palette. 20150518_224408

Face: I primed my face with this primer from Hard Candy 20150608_233230.

Then I used my new favorite concealer to hide my imperfections 20150618_233413 in the shade Cafe.

For my foundation, I mixed those 2 20150523_073036[1] with this body luminizer  20150608_233408from Hard Candy  to give me the perfect glow!

I then Highlighted my T-zone with my concealer.

Eyes: I primed my eyes with this new eye primer that I purchased from Shoppers Drugmart 11539578_10153001290123207_6358778868824565028_n. Then I used my 120 palette 20150522_200806 to create this eye makeup look 20150624_102350

Lips: I combined these 3 20150625_010227

And finally for my highlight, I used this old eyeshadow from loreal 20150625_010308that I almost threw out because I feel that it was not working for me. Then it occurred to me that I can use it to highlight my face…

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