My mini Make-over at ShopEco featuring FitGlow Beauty products

Hello Beauties!

Happy Monday!!!

I’m not always excited for  Mondays, but for some odd reason I am today… Weird eh!

Let me just say, this post is going to be long, but I’ll try my best to keep it as short as possible. This past weekend was a great one for me, it was Easter weekend and I got to spend the day with my mom, doing girl stuff; and I also had the chance to attend my appointment for my mini make-over featuring FitGlow Beauty products at Shop Eco, which is a local shop that sells eco friendly products such as make up, skin care products and many more that are organic certified.

So lately I have been gravitating into using more natural, organic, cruelty free, paraben and phtalate free products for my skin. I am not in any way bashing non organic products, but it is just a matter of preference now that I have to be more concious about what I am forcing my body to absorb, and I figured that if I can’t read or pronounce the name of an ingredient, I might as well stay away… The natural/organic skincare products market is becoming so saturated with brands that I don’t know which one to go with. Going to events where I get the chance to sample the products can help me narrow down to which brand I want to go with, trust and swear by.

Just a little disclaimer; I am not being paid to do this post, this is solely based on my experience as a customer. Although I wasn’t new to Shop Eco (saturday was my second visit), but it felt like I was stepping in for the first time. I walked around the store for a bit, trying out some of the products while waiting for my turn. There is variety of products, but what I liked the most is the fact that there were testers for each product. So I was able to try some of the body butters and lotions. The atmosphere/vibe at the shop was like earthy,  eco-friendly, fresh and cozy and the staff is nice, friendly and very welcoming! That is a definite plus for me!!  The downside is that I wish that the operating hours were a little long especially for people who can’t come during regular business hours. I also wish the shop was a little bigger in space and that more people would know about the store and how amazing the products are.

So now on to my mini makeover. Prior to my mini make-over, I have never heard of the FitGlow brand. My make-up artist Melissa from ShopEco was awesome! She explained what each one of the skincare products do and how to apply them. Seeing how excited she was about the products persuade me to go ahead and give this brand a try. Talk about the power of persuasion!! 🙂  Besides the skincare products, I was able to try out some of the makeup products like the foundation, lipstick, lipgloss, mascara and eyeshadow. I am not a big fan of the foundation because the range of colors is limited especially for women of color. There are only 7 shades and I was not able to find my correct shade. On the other hand it is a very lightweight foundation, not full coverage, which is perfect for those days when I don’t want to wear heavy foundation especially in the summer and also perfect for people who don’t like to feel that they are walking around with a cake face. I, on the other hand, like a full coverage foundation because I  like to cover up my imperfections. I do hope the company comes out with a full coverage foundation and more shades. The eyeshadow was not so bad; it was surprisingly very pigmented than I expected. The items I loved the most were the mascara, which smells amazing and it didn’t irritate my eyes; the lispstick and lipgloss (which are on my birthday wishlist!)

I love the fact that the owner of the company, Anna,was there to answer questions, provide more information and promote her brand. I also love that it is a Canadian brand and the products are easily accessible.

So that is it… I hope you guys enjoyed this post. Stay tuned for my first impression of the FitGlow Beauty products that I purchased and my free eyecream! until next time Beauties!






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