My updated brushes and beauty sponges cleaning routine!

Hello everyone! Happy Tuesday!

This post is about my updated brush cleaning routine. A year ago I remember making a concoction using baby shampoo and white vinegar to wash my brushes. Although the concoction helped, but the process of getting my brushes cleaned up was rough. I literally had to rub them in the palm of my hand in circular motion for about four to five times before all the product come off and my brushes would end up smelling like vinegar even after conditioning them with a nice conditioner before rinsing them. As for my beauty sponges, they would get clean, but there were some product residue left on them, which I found annoying so I ended up getting rid of them and purchase new ones.

This year I stumbled upon this product (which may not be new to some people but new to me) that works wonders.  So be ready to get rid of you brush cleaning solutions, bar soaps, shampoos and whatever products you guys used before and get you some Dawn dish soap guys! DSC_2805 editI purchased it for less than 3 dollars at my local walmart and since it has the ability to break down tough grease and is antibacterial, I figured why not use it to clean my brushes and beauty sponges.

After washing the brushes and beauty sponges thoroughly, I dip them in hair conditioner (any hair conditioner works, doesn’t have to be an expensive one) before rinsing them thoroughly. the reason for that is the conditioner helps soften up the bristles. Then I hang my brushes upside down on the brush dryer that I purchased on ebay  and let them air dry for about 2 to 3 days until they are completely dried.  DSC_2806Here are some before and after pics!

Before cleaning….DSC_2799 edit DSC_2800 edit

After cleaning…DSC_2887 DSC_2891

I hope you guys enjoyed this post. Thanks for reading!!



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