Product Review: Organic Skincare – Acure Moroccan Argan Oil, Quick Fix and Body Lotion

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Spring has sprung and it is time to say bye bye to the winter blues!

So far this year I have had the chance to try out some organic products and some of them are form Acure. I never knew about Acure until I got to try some of their products and I think it is a brand that I would like to continue exploring.

The three products that I received are the Aromatherapeutic Moroccan Argan Oil – Rose, the Quick Fix Correcting Balm and the Calming Body Lotion – Lavender.

DSC_0485 There is not much to say about this body lotion except that it is very moisturising and it smells awesome. It contains lavender oil and sacred lotus stem cell. Lavender oil is my favorite essential oil and I am all for any product that contains lavender oil. The price for it is $9.99 USD for a 236ml container.

DSC_0484 I was not too sure on how to use this balm at first, but since I noticed that it was greasy, I decided to use it on my face at night time. I find it helps soothe my breakouts and it makes my skin feel so soft and moisturised. It has the same consistency as vaseline and it smells so good. According to the website, this certified organic balm works wonders around the mouth and eyes and it is a all-in-one balm that can be used for: cuticles, chapped hands, crow’s feet and your feet.  The price is $15.99 USD for a 30ml container on their website.

DSC_0483 This one is my favorite out of all three.  I use it both during the day and night time on my face. I love that it is multifunctional. According to the website, it can be used as a: facial serum, body + decollete massage oil, hair serum, hand + cuticle oil, soothes dry elbows + heels. Lightweight and easily absorbed, you can allow the soothing blend of rose geranium + lemongrass to soothe the senses and calm the mind. It is not as greasy as the quick fix correcting balm, that is why I am able to use it during the day as part of my morning routine. A little bit goes a long way and it smells amazing. The price on the website is $12.99 USD for a 30ml bottle.

Overall, I love all three products, and as mentioned previously, I would like to try more of their products especially the cleansers and face masks. Do I recommend these products? Yes. They are organic certified, they are free of harmful chemicals such as sulfate and parabens. They also don’t contain synthetic fragrance and are cruelty free.

That is all for this post. I hope you enjoyed reading it. Until next time!


3 thoughts on “Product Review: Organic Skincare – Acure Moroccan Argan Oil, Quick Fix and Body Lotion

  1. Great post! I tried a cleansing water/toner from Acure that was lovely! It definitely made me want to try more of the brand – and now you’ve told me which product (the argan oil!) I want to try next!!

  2. Great article. This year I’m focusing a lot more on organic and natural products not just beauty products but food as well and I’m loving it. I’m always on the lookout for great natural products. Thanks for the share!

  3. Nice post!!! Even I am focusing on products with intrinsic ingredients. This particular brand is not available here in India but recently I’m trying out products similar to these!!! 🤗

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