Product Review: Organic Skincare – Acure Moroccan Argan Oil, Quick Fix and Body Lotion

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Happy Wednesday!

Spring has sprung and it is time to say bye bye to the winter blues!

So far this year I have had the chance to try out some organic products and some of them are form Acure. I never knew about Acure until I got to try some of their products and I think it is a brand that I would like to continue exploring.

The three products that I received are the Aromatherapeutic Moroccan Argan Oil – Rose, the Quick Fix Correcting Balm and the Calming Body Lotion – Lavender.

DSC_0485 There is not much to say about this body lotion except that it is very moisturising and it smells awesome. It contains lavender oil and sacred lotus stem cell. Lavender oil is my favorite essential oil and I am all for any product that contains lavender oil. The price for it is $9.99 USD for a 236ml container.

DSC_0484 I was not too sure on how to use this balm at first, but since I noticed that it was greasy, I decided to use it on my face at night time. I find it helps soothe my breakouts and it makes my skin feel so soft and moisturised. It has the same consistency as vaseline and it smells so good. According to the website, this certified organic balm works wonders around the mouth and eyes and it is a all-in-one balm that can be used for: cuticles, chapped hands, crow’s feet and your feet.  The price is $15.99 USD for a 30ml container on their website.

DSC_0483 This one is my favorite out of all three.  I use it both during the day and night time on my face. I love that it is multifunctional. According to the website, it can be used as a: facial serum, body + decollete massage oil, hair serum, hand + cuticle oil, soothes dry elbows + heels. Lightweight and easily absorbed, you can allow the soothing blend of rose geranium + lemongrass to soothe the senses and calm the mind. It is not as greasy as the quick fix correcting balm, that is why I am able to use it during the day as part of my morning routine. A little bit goes a long way and it smells amazing. The price on the website is $12.99 USD for a 30ml bottle.

Overall, I love all three products, and as mentioned previously, I would like to try more of their products especially the cleansers and face masks. Do I recommend these products? Yes. They are organic certified, they are free of harmful chemicals such as sulfate and parabens. They also don’t contain synthetic fragrance and are cruelty free.

That is all for this post. I hope you enjoyed reading it. Until next time!


PR Haul – M Squared Management Blogger Box

Hello everyone!

Happy Tuesday!

Today I want to talk  about some products that I’ve had the chance to try this year.  The M Squared Management team was kind enough to send me the Blogger Box which contained a few organic natural products for the purpose of trying out and review. I received my box back in January of this year, but I wanted to at least test out some of the products so I can let you guys know my opinion.

So here are the products that I received:

The Green Apple Lip Balm from the Green Beaver Company



The Calendula Intensive Skin Recovery Cream by WeledaWELEDA COLLAGE


The Radius Tour Travel Toothbrush. Although I have not started to use it, I find this toothbrush very convenient to travel with, hence the name.



The Spry Cinnamon Chewing Gum. I find this gum tasty and not as sweet as some of the regular chewing gums and it doesn’t last as long either. GUM COLLAGE


The Bliss Deodorant by Lafes. DSC_0438


The Jardin de Vie Eau Naturelle Parfumée Collection by WeledaDSC_0448


Last but not least, the calming body lotion, the quick fix correcting balm and the aromatherapeutic moroccan argan oilDSC_0480

I am not sure if these products are available in stores in Canada; however, some of them are available on and they can be ordered on their company websites. I will be doing a separate review for the ones that I didn’t really say anything about in this post.

That is it for this post. Thanks for reading, until next time!


Happy International Women’s Day!

Hello Beautiful people!

I’ve been thinking all day today about what to write on my blog to commemorate International Women’s Day. But I figured that I would write about acknowledging how beautiful, strong and powerful we are.

Every woman is a Queen and being a woman is a divine gift. – Me

There are many incredible women that we look up to as role models, but we do tend to forget to refer to ourselves as our own role models too. When we look at our own issues and struggles that we deal with on a daily basis, we deserve to pat ourselves on the back and feel empowered by our own personal achievements.

That’s all I have to say. I hope you guys had a great one!



Wet N Wild New Liquid Lipsticks

Hello Everyone!

Hope you guys are having a great day!

Today, I am going to talk about these liquid Lipsticks from Wet N Wild. They were sent to me as part of PR package from Wet N Wild for the purpose of trying them out and letting you, my dear lovely readers, know what I think about them.

Lets now talk about the lipstick.

Colors: 928B Oh My Dolly, 920B Nudie Patootie, 923B Pink Really Hard

collage WNW

Price: Affordable. About $4.99 USD on the website.

Application:  Apply smoothly, but the lighter colors apply a little bit patchy even with a second coat.

Pigmentation: very pigmented

Quality: Matte finish, smooth and very comfortable to wear.

Here is a quick swatch video on how they look on me.

Overall, these liquid lipsticks are not so bad. They are pretty affordable. Although I’m not sure if they are available in Canada as of yet, they are available on the wet n wild website. I am not a big fan of the lighter colors, but I am interested in trying out some of the darker colors; and when I do, I will keep you posted.

Thank you for reading, until next time!