Parabens…. What are they? Are they safe??

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There is a lot of controversies around parabens that can be a little bit confusing. That is why I like to educate myself, and stay informed about the ingredients that are found in any product that I use.

According to the research I’ve done, parabens are preservative found in most of the cosmetic and skincare products to prevent the growth of molds, bacteria and fungus and to prolong the products’ shelf life.

So I would like to share these 2 videos that give more info on what parabens are, are they are related to cancer, and if they are safe


Here is a most recent one…


One thing that caught my attention in the second video is the fact that the companies that don’t use parabens in their products, what do they use as a substitute preservative????

To conclude, reading the ingredients list in products can be a bit exhausting and are sometimes hard to pronounce, but it is better to know and to be aware of what we are feeding and using on our body. So I do encourage you guys to educate yourselves and stay informed… So what about you guys, what are your opinions about parabens? Do you think they are safe even in low dosage?? Any recommendations???

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