First Impression: Vasanti Brighten Up! Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator

Hello  Beauties!!

This post is a first impression of the Vasanti Brighten Up. I received this product in my May Ipsy Glam Bag and it is an exfoliating cleanser. It claims to be enriched with papaya enzymes, micro-crystals and aloe vera, coconut and panthenol; dramatically improves skin texture to reveal softer, brighter and younger looking skin. It also claims to be a powerful exfoliator that mimics professional microdermabrasion results using 99 percent natural ingredients. It is made in Canada and is paraben and sulfate free and is 99% natural vegan friendly.

My opinion: So far this is the best exfoliating cleanser that I have used.  I love the texture; the micro crystals are very fine and not chunky, which doesn’t damage the skin.  The downside for me is that this is just a sample size, not enough to last me a month, therefore, I am not able to see much of a difference in my skin. So I will be purchasing the full size which is $34 CAD on their website, so I can give a better review of this product. I also love the fact that it is paraben and sulfate free. Here is a picture of me using it:

DSC_2770That is all for this first impression. Thanks for reading loves!  Until next time!!



First Impression: Jeffrey James The Serum, Lanoline Intensive Eye Serum and Night Recovery Cream

Hey Beauties!!

Happy Thursday!

So today I have a first impression on these skincare products that I recently purchased from Winners. Just a quick info on Winners for my Non Canadian friends, it is a store similar to Marshalls or TJMaxx in the States where you can find a lot of name brand goodies such as clothes, purses, shoes, make up, etc at a very good price.

Anyways. Nowadays, whenever I go to any store that has a beauty department, I always find myself browsing and checking to see what products are available and I also check for new products as well. Winners carries a lot of mainstream and indie skin care brands; some are very well known and talked about and some of them not so much.

I purchased 3 products and they were fairly inexpensive. The first product is The Serum from Jeffrey James Botanicals($14.99 CAD)DSC_3038.

The second product is the Lanoline Rosehip Oil Intensive Eye Serum with Chamomile and Manuka Honey($9.99 CAD)DSC_3037.

The last product is Lanoline Rosehip Oil Night Recovery Cream with Lavender and Evening Primrose Oil($9.99 CAD)DSC_3039.

The face serum is made in USA; the eye serum and night cream are made in New Zealand and are certified organic.

As I mentioned I recently purchased these products and it I just started putting them to the test. So this is just my first impression of them. So far I like all three based on the fact that they contain ingredients that are essentially good for the skin and will not harm it in anyway. I love the gel-like consistency of the face serum and the eye serum and I find them moisturizing without the greasy feel. The face Serum from Jeffrey James is paraben, sulfate and cruelty free. It also claims to be deeply hydrating; it provides collagen boost and it is great for all skin types. Main ingredients are hyaluronic acid (50% ), Vitamin C and green tea. It comes in a glass bottle with a pump, which makes it easier to access the product without wasting it. Unfortunately, I ended up returning the eye serum and the night cream because the eye serum irritated my eyes and the night cream was a little bit too heavy for my liking. Aside from that I believe that they are great products,but they don’t work for me. I ended up picking up another eye serum, which I will talk about on my next post.

That is it for this post guys. Let me know if you have ever heard of and tried any of these skin care products.  Thank you for reading!!




First Impression: Fit Glow Beauty

It has been a little more than 2 weeks since I purchased a few products from the FitGlow Beauty skincare line. I have been trying them for two weeks and I must say that so far I love them.

A little bit about FitGlow; it is a Canadian brand and their products are certified organic, paraben free, cruelty free, gluten free, fragrance free and vegetarian/vegan.

I recently decided to integrate more organic products in my skincare regimen, because, lets be real,  the skin does absorb whatever you apply on it. Although organic skincare products can be a little pricey, but I think they are worth it.

Since FitGlow is brand new to me, I decided to purchase just a few products so I can try them out and see how my skin reacts to them. I purchase the Sea toning mist and the Renew cream and as a complimentary gift, I received the Eye cream for free.

DSC_1300The Sea Toning Mist is both a toner and a setting spray. Main ingredients are organic aloe vera and sea extracts. I mostly use it as a toner instead of a setting spray, given that glycerin is not listed as one of the ingredients, I personally don’t think it will set my make up. As a toner, it makes skin feels so refreshed and it has a fresh citrusy smell, like fresh flowers, which is very pleasant and not overbearing at all.

DSC_1303The Renew Cream is by far my favorite moisturizer out of all the ones that I have tried. Main ingredients are Kojic acid, Willow Bark and Wildcrafted ginseng. This moisturizer is not heavy, is non greasy and makes my skin feel moisturized and supple. Although it doesn’t have SPF, it is supposed to renew, brighten and reverse any signs of aging.  I only have been using this moisturizer for a little over than 2 weeks, I have not seen any major changes as of yet, but I love the way it makes my skin feel.

DSC_1306The Eye C is the eye cream. It is my first officially owned eye cream. I had some eye cream samples from Sephora, but for some reason they irritated my eyes a lot. This is the first one that doesn’t irritate my eyes. Main ingredients are Vitamin C,  Botanical Hyalluronic acid, Peptide, Squalane and R lipoic acid. It is supposed to moisturize while plumping the skin around the eyes. So far, I haven’t seen the skin around my eyes being plumped, but I can say that it is softer and more moisturized than it has ever been.

My conclusion: I love these products so far and I think I want to stick with FitGlow for now. The packaging is nice and the products are nice and these products also have an expiry date, which in my opinion is very good. I have combination to oily skin type, I don’t have to worry so much about having an allergic reaction due to harsh chemicals, and so far they work for me. Now the question is, do I recommend this brand?  Absolutely!!

Thanks for reading, until next time loves!





First Impression: Biore Baking Soda Scrub and Cleanser

Hello Beautifuls!

I finally received the Biore voxbox DSC_1038 that was sent to me by Influenster to test and review and decided to try both the baking soda facial scrub and cleanser yesterday. Before I start, this post is  my first impression of the products. I will be updating every week to let you guys know they work for me and if I like them or not.

First of all,  both the scrub and cleanser smell amazing. Following the instructions on how to use the scrub DSC_1037, I wet my face, used a quarter size of the powder, and spread it all over my face. I also found that a little bit goes a long way. After massaging it into my skin, I rinsed it off with with lukewarm water. What I love the most about the scrub  is that it leaves my skin feeling tingly (in the good way) and fresh. I felt that my pores were opened up and fresh air was able to penetrate my  skin (if that even makes sense) ! It is recommended to use the scrub 3 to 4 times a week (I think).  As for the cleanser,DSC_1036I like the thick consistency. I only used 2 pomps and it lathered as soon as it hit my skin. Just like the scrub, it left my face feeling so fresh so soft and so clean.

After this first impression, I do intend to keep testing out both products to see how my skin will continue to react to them. My first use was successful, no breakouts, meaning that I am not allergic to them.