Happy International Women’s Day!

Hello Beautiful people!

I’ve been thinking all day today about what to write on my blog to commemorate International Women’s Day. But I figured that I would write about acknowledging how beautiful, strong and powerful we are.

Every woman is a Queen and being a woman is a divine gift. – Me

There are many incredible women that we look up to as role models, but we do tend to forget to refer to ourselves as our own role models too. When we look at our own issues and struggles that we deal with on a daily basis, we deserve to pat ourselves on the back and feel empowered by our own personal achievements.

That’s all I have to say. I hope you guys had a great one!



Black History Month – Beyonce paying hommage to Oshun

Hey Beauties!

After watching clips of Beyonce’s Grammys performance I felt so empowered as a woman better yet as a Black woman.

First of all lets talk about how beautiful and glowy she looks. Beyonce makes pregnancy look glamorous, easy and beautiful and it looks great on her. Talk about #oshun, #pregnancy goals, #pregnancyglow, #womenaregoddesses and #beautifulblackgoddess.

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Beyonce performs at the 59th annual Grammy Awards on Sunday, Feb. 12, 2017, in Los Angeles. (Photo by Matt Sayles/Invision/AP)


Many people are saying that throughout her performance, Beyonce represented Oshun who is the African goddess of beauty, love,prosperity, order and fertility. Oshun is also the Mother of the African sweet or fresh waters. According to an article posted by the Haitian American on facebook, with the African diaspora, Oshun was brought to the Americas, and adopted into the pantheons that branched out of the African traditions. In the Brazilian religion of Candomblé, which retains close ties with the Yorùbá religion, as well as in Cuban Santeriá, She is called Oxum. In Haitian Vodou She is an inspiration for Erzulie or Ezili, also a Deity of water and love. “Mother of Sweetness”  Here is the link if you would like to read more…

Many people are criticizing her performance stating that Beyonce is acting like she is the Blessed Mother Mary or even God.

My take on this is as follow: I personally don’t think that Beyonce thinks she is God herself. By her ackowledging Oshun is her way of encouraging us Black people to know and embrace our African roots. I do agree that Beyonce is not the first black woman who has embraced her African roots, neither is she the first woman to be pregnant, but what people need to understand is that when our ancestors were brought to the Americas, they were forced to give up everything about them especially their religious rituals in order to assimilate. Needless to say, Beyonce’s performance may have not been her best performance, but the message is that we Black women are beautiful in our own way, we are goddesses, and queens and we are powerful not only as individuals, but as a collective as well. And we deserve to be seen as such and not as properties or objects. We are here, we exist and our lives matter.


I hope you enjoyed reading this post. Let me know your opinions in the comment section.


Black History Month – Ethnicity/Haitian Tag

Hello Beauties!!

Happy Black History Month!


Besides being the shortest month of the year, February is the month in which we celebrate love and black history especially in North America. I feel that as the years are going by, Black History Month is not as celebrated or as ackowledged as I remember it used to be back then; especially here in Canada. I feel that BHM is not taken as seriously as it should.

On another note, to kick off this year Black History Month celebration on my blog, I am doing this Ethnicity Tag Questionnaire just to let you guys know a little more about me and where I come from. Here we go:
1.Favorite Haitian dish

I have so many favorite Haitian dishes, but my favorite is griot ak bannann fri (fried pork and fried plantain).  Although this dish is more of a delicacy than it is an everyday meal. I would not recommend to have fried pork on a daily basis because it will keep your blood pressure and cholesterol levels up the roof. It is one of those meals to have once in blue moon or at parties.
2.Your mother/father’s favorite phrase

“O o Gade pitit” which means ” o o look child” this one of amongst all the phrases they like to say on a daily basis.

3.Which province is your family from?

My dad is from the South of Haiti, from Pestel to be exact and my mom is from the West, Ganthier.

4. Have you ever been to Haiti?

I left in 1999 and I haven’t been there since then. Although I feel nostalgic and miss home all the time. I miss the all year round hot and sunny wheather. But I do hope to go someday and I’ll document my experience when I do get the chance to go.
5.Do you speak Creole/French?

I speak both Creole and French.
6.What do you appreciate most about your ethnicity?

I love the fact that we are a predominantly Black country and we come in different shades of Black.
7.What does being Haitian mean to you?

Being Haitian to me means being resilient. We don’t give up no matter how tough things get and we are proud of our rich history, especially being the first Black country to fight for and gain it’s independence.
8.Show us your favorite Haitian artifacts

DSC_0376 This is called Pilon (old fashion food processor/smasher). It is found in most Haitian households. Besides it being something that we use to prep our food with, it is also an art piece because it is not factory made, but it is intricately carved by hand.

DSC_0375I was surprised to find this at a thrift store. The moment I saw it, I knew that I had to get it although it was in pretty bad shape, I thought “ain’t nothing a little  oil can’t clean” 🙂

DSC_0378This is the most emotional piece of art that I own. It was painted by my uncle who passed away about 5 years ago. I like that painting because it captures the true essence of my country, which is it’s mountains, waters, villages and villagers.

9.Do you know how to dance Kompa?

Of course I do. When I was younger I made it my mission to learn how to dance kompa. The fact that I left at a young age, forgetting about my culture was inevitable. But I tried to the best of my abilities to hold on to it by speaking my language, learning how to cook our foods, holding on to some of our traditions and learning how to dance kompa…
10.What’s your favorites Haitian musicians/songs?

I have so many favorite artists, but I’ll just name a few: Emmeline Michel, Carimi, Mikaben, JBeats, Boukman, KingPosse, Michel Martelly and more….

Favorites songs, I have too many to name but the one i’m mentioning is the song  my hubby and I danced to for our first dance atour wedding reception.

That is about it for this Ethnicity Tag. I hope you enjoyed reading this and let me know in the comments section where you are from and what you like about your  ethnicity!!!





Hey Beauties!

Happy Sunday!

I am not a big believer in New Year’s resolutions because a few days after making them, I just let them go and forget about them. Therefore New Year’s rsolutions are a big NO for me; however, setting small achievable goals is what I would like to do this year. I figured within every major goal there are minor ones that need to be accomplished. For example, I would like to grow my blog this year. In order to do that, I need to write and post more contents, which in order for that to happen I need to stop procrastinating.

So my major goal for my blog this year is to grow my blog and increase the amount of traffic. For that to happen I need more contents. So my question to you, my dearest readers, what would like to read on my blog this year?  You guys can leave your ideas in the comment section, I will greatly appreciate it.

Thanks for reading today.








Happy New Year!

Hello beauties!

Happy New Year once again.

I hope that you all are having a great start of the year and I wish that this new year will be a year of many great blessings for you.

It has been quite a while since I posted anything here on my blog. I have been quite busy with starting a new job, getting through the holidays without causing too much damages to my finances, reorgarnizing my apartment etc etc… So blogging has been on the back burner for me and on top of that I had a serious case of writer’s block. It’s a new year, and I hope to bring more contents for you guys to read about and enjoy.

I didn’t do so much last year during the holidays, aside from putting up the christmas tree and the Christmas decorations, I mostly work from Christmas eve all the way to New Year. I was able to participate in the gift exchange from CBB, which was exciting to say the least. I also was able to purchase a few things for myself that I have been wanting to try all year long such as the Sacha Buttercup powder.

That is it in a nutshell. This was just a quick update on where I’ve been. Welcome back to all my subbies. And to all my newbies, Welcome and I hope you enjoy reading my contents, also feel free to leave your comments, opinions, and suggestions; they are greatly appreciated!!