Lets Talk Lipstick: Menow Kiss Proof Lipstick

Hello Beauties!

Here is a swatch of the MeNow lippies that I purchased from ebay.

DSC_1460 - edit

They don’t have names; however they are numbered

Color 1  is #015 DSC_1458

Color is #003DSC_1457

Color 3 is #008 DSC_1455

For $1.30 CAD each I find the packaging nice and neat. However they are the bottom-twist-and -push type of lippies. They need to be sharpen, so a jumbo pencil sharpener will do.  Now, here is how they look on my lips:

Color 015 is my least favorite because it is patchy and doesn’t apply very well. Although I only apply one coat. It is pigmented,but the application was not all that great for me. I do intend to try it again and this time with a lip liner.
Color 003 is my favorite of them all. It applied smoothly and I only needed 1 coat.
Color 008 is my second favorite. It is not as patchy as color 015, but it is workable. I also love the color.

All three lippies are creamy when first applied and they dry up to a matte finish. They do transfer a little, but not so drastically. I don’t intend to re purchase them because I don’t like the idea of having to sharpen them, and more of a liquid lipstick kind of gal. Let me know in the comment section if you have tried them or any lipsticks from ebay for that matter. If yes, did you like them or not?

That is it in a nutshell guys…. Thanks for reading!




Lets Talk Lipsticks: Colourpop Ultra Matte and Ultra Satin Lippies

Happy Monday!

This post has been long overdue. I ordered a couple of lippies from Colourpop for my birthday last month and here are a swatch of the colors I purchased. I am swatching these lipsticks without lip liners, so here they are:

Ultra Matte:

Chilly Chili
Teeny Tiny
More better

img1464055997781                                                                                     Tulle


Honestly, the matte lipsticks are a little bit drying, but they feel like nothing on the lips and are comfortable to wear. The colors are flattering for women of  color and are super pigmented.


Ultra Satin:

Too Lips
London Fog

As for the ultra satin lippies, they are creamy and easier to apply. I do plan on ordering some more soon.



Mica Beauty (Bella) Cosmetics Mineral Eyeshadows

Hey Beauties!  Happy Thursday!

Today I am reviewing and swatching these mineral eyeshadows from Mica Beauty (Bella) Cosmetics. I’ve known this brand for a while and I purchased my first eyeshadows  about 4 to 5 years ago (I think) and I love it so much that I got more for my birthday.

They have a wide range of beautiful colors and the best thing about them is that they can be used in many different ways: powder form, as a cream eyeshadow, as a lipgloss or lipstick and even as a nail polish.

These eyeshadows cost between 17 to 20 dollars CAD. But at the time of my purchase I was able to buy 2 and get a third one free. The are very pigmented and are duo chrome ( I  think). They apply very well although they can be a bit messy. Here is the swatch:


DSC_1421- edit

Color 1  is  #8 Tease

Color 2 is #72  Earth

Color 3 is #102 Sunrise

Color 4 is #96 Nuisance

Color 5 is #95 Ambience

The colors are absolutely gorgeous and I love the fact that they don’t have an expiry date as well.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post. Let me know in the comments if you have tried any eyeshadows from Mica Beauty and if you like them or not. Until next time!




Affordable Eyeshadow palettes by Style Essentials

Hello Beautifuls!

I love going shopping in Detroit every chance that I get, and one my favorite stores  to go to is Five Below. Aside from everything else you can can find at that store, they have a nice make up section. Some of the brands I have never heard of and some I have (for example Wet N Wild).

I purchased these 2 palettes because they look like the perfect dupes for the Naked palettes by Urban Decay

Here is the first one an swatches:



Here is the second palette and swatches:

palette 1

I already did a make up tutorials with the palettes. Check out these 2 links:  https://beautyndcurves.wordpress.com/2016/04/24/motd-birthday-glam/      https://beautyndcurves.wordpress.com/2016/03/27/motd-easter-sunday/

Both palettes were under $5 and the shadows are pigmented and easy to apply. Both palettes contain both matte and shimmery colors. They are not the Urban Decay type of shadows but they are perfect for people who are looking for affordable options or for new beginners!






All about Highlights: Make Up Revolution Vivid Baked Highlighter

Hey ladies!

Happy Tuesday!

On my last trip to Detroit, I had the chance to go to Ulta for the very first time, and I was impressed. It was like “Sephora meets Target on steroids”!  Ulta carries so many brands from less expensive to most expensive, which I really like because I like to have options…

I picked up this highlighter because I watched one of the youtubers I follow rave about how pigmented and nice this highlighter is, especially for such a low price. Makeup Revolution is a English makeup brand, and I am glad that it is available at Ulta because all I have to do is cross the Windsor-Detroit bridge or tunnel to go purchase it instead of paying for high conversions rate (Euro-CAD) and shipping cost.

This highlighter is beautiful, pigmented and looks good on women of color. I mean for $6, you can’t go wrong.  I definitely recommend this one, and I think Makeup Revolution has become one of my favorite inexpensive makeup brands!