Wedding Make up looks!!!

3 years ago, have I known that I could accomplish my make up look like any professional make up artist, i would have done my make up for my wedding myself. It’s not that the make up artists at Sears didn’t do a good job, but there is a difference doing something yourself and having it done by someone else…. Since I started learning how to apply make up properly and learning the tricks of the profession, I became more knowledgeable about my skin type, which colors work and don’t work for me, and the types of products my skin can or cannot tolerate… to sum it up, what works for me!  Here are 5 looks that I created that I wished I had for my wedding:

1. The Sultry neutral.


2. The Smoky Red. Instead of using dark colors such as black or brown to smoke out my outer corner, I decided to use a red eye shadow from my 120 palette. Turned out nice!


3. Purple galore


4. Golden. For this one, I use gold eye shadow and gold glitter…


5.The ????. I don’t know what to call this one. That is my newest one. could not decide which lip is my favorite.

20150630_222308 20150630_195228


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