Why is it so hard to love???

Hey Beauties!
Happy Wednesday!  I hope y’all having a great one!
I haven’t put out any contents the last two weeks and I apologize for that. I had a mild case of Writers block and with all the things that have been going on in the media lately , I had to take a step back, think and re evaluate my life for a bit.
This post is not a rant, but I couldn’t help it but to share my feelings with y’all especially with all the ish that is going on.
When do we say “enough is enough”  When do we realize that we need to stop fighting each other and love one another Like Jesus instructed us to do. He didn’t say to love one another based on… He just told us to love one another PERIOD with NO conditions. That was his only commandment to us and it seems so hard for us to follow. My question is, Why is it so hard to love each other? We may not have the same genetic make up but one thing that we have in common as human beings is that we breathe the same air.
It saddens me that people are being killed based on their race, based on their religion, based on their sexual orientation. The moment we find out that we are different, our first instinct is to categorize ourselves so we don’t have to deal with others that are different than us, that don’t do what is considered “acceptable” or ‘proper”.  I am not sure if you guys ever wondered who the hell came up with this idea that a particular race is considered “superior” and every other race is considered a “minority”.  I don’t like this word at all, I feel it is demeaning, belittling, controversial and I feel offended when I am being referred to as a “Visible Minority”. This, like many other things are subtleties that we tend to not pay attention to but are really destructive to us as humans beings.
My heart does go out to the family of those who are victims of police brutality, victims of genocide or violence of any sort, and victims of hate crimes of any sort 🙁
That is it for this post guys. This post was one of the most difficult ones for me to write because I am putting my feelings out there and I hope I didn’t offend anyone.  I know my blog is all about beauty, beauty and more beauty… But when certain things affect us in any shape or form, do we stay silent and not talk about them?  So let me know your opinions. I would love to read them…
Thanks for reading guys!


3 thoughts on “Why is it so hard to love???

  1. Great article. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I think the hardest thing in the world is to express unconditional love for someone. So many times when we go into a relationship, we bring along preconcieved notions on how the other person is supposed to act and do.

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